пʼятниця, 21 березня 2014 р.

Curriculum Vitae

I came to work in telecom in october of 1997.
I've come a long way from a junior sysadmin to the Chief Technical Officer and founder of few companies.

Since 2007 I focused on Mobile VAS solutions and VoIP-networking. Since 2011 I develop PearlPBX (www.pearlpbx.com). Since 2013 I start to develop Pearl SMS Stream - it's a new platform for SMS bulk messaging. It's not done yet, testing in progress.

My expertise includes:
* Project management of IT related projects.
* Product management
* System architecture for telecom applications.
* Software design and implementation.
* System and network administration.
* VoIP network design and implementation.

Technical skills, which are used in the recent 7 years:
* VoIP installations up to hundreds of users and thousands of calls per day
* Erlang/OTP, Perl, PHP, Javascript, C
* SQL and NoSQL databases
* Network architecture including fail-over clustering
* Network applications design and implementations
* Web development

Specialties: project management, product management, software and system architecture, software engineering, VoIP expert, SMPP expert.

Since 2012 till now() found and work in PearlPBX in single mode :)

Since 2007 till 2012 found NetStyle (www.netstyle.com.ua) with Michael Bochkaryov (misha@ratter.kiev.ua).  Our company was develop solutions for VoIP (conference software, call centres based on asterisk and others) and VAS SMS services.

What was earlier does not matter ;-)