понеділок, 15 червня 2015 р.

Erlang TCP server based on ranch

Hi, All.  :)

I was looking for  Erlang TCP server that must be non-blocking and fast, OTP-enabled and easy to use. I was reading many documentation on English and Russian languages. I found product called 'ranch'.
Do you know web server 'cowboy' ? Do you like it ? I'm using it. I think it is one of the best of web servers written on Erlang.  Ranch was a part of cowboy. Now it's a dedicated product.
Please RTFM and examples on original site.

вівторок, 9 червня 2015 р.

Asterisk 13 Centos 7 packages

Hi, all!

I have not found a similar repository on the Internet. I have been made repo for my needs.
You can download and use it for free. Asterisk was compiled without DAHDI support. It must work for most cases.
Asterisk 13.3.0, Centos 7, x86_64 - PearlPBX-Centos7.repo